Skytech Computer was founded in 2005 to meet the business and technology needs of businesses. It has since become the leading provider of specialist business-ready services. We’re a mid-sized business too, so we understand the importance of having a clear competitive advantage to increase customer satisfaction, while keeping overheads low.

Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from hospitality and education to financial services and major retail chains and while we’re recognised as technology specialists, we’re proud our clients see us as trusted business partners. We help  businesses by providing a comprehensive range of scalable solutions covering managed IT services and cloud computing.

In 2010, Skytech Computer started to provide consultation on surveillance technology under the banner of Skytech CCTV and we realized how close it was related to the principle of IT. Today we are a proud supplier of CCTV equipments with many happy customers. We supply high quality cameras from analogue, IP & High Definition cameras, DVR and accessories. Many of our recording machines are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Androind, Blackberry and Windows phones.

We work closely with suppliers and manufactures in the area of research and development to constantly check the quality of the products. This proves that we have strong commitment in delivering good quality products at an affordable price. Our goal is to reduce defective products to 1% of total productions every year.

Our Vision

to innovate and re-shape clients IT environment and connect them with their IT future

Our Mission

    1. Build strong relationship with our customers and suppliers
    2. Build strong supply chain networks to enable on-time delivery
    3. Providing strict quality control to ensure highest quality products
    4. Establish reliable work force to meet business growth


Some of our customers


We work with world’s leading IT vendors