IT Services

We help  businesses by providing a comprehensive range of scalable solutions covering managed IT services and cloud computing.

We tailor our services to the specific needs of the customer, driven through a single point of contact, who is ultimately responsible for delivering the business outcome that the customer requires. We offer a complete range of managed IT services and cloud computing providing a single point of contact and accountability.

We pride ourselves on delivering the right business outcome, and not just delivering a technology. We have a unique and clear market focus, ensuring our products and services are developed to meet our customers’ needs.

Select our IT Services below:


We are offering two different packages to suit your business demands, Managed IT or Flexible IT.

Managed IT Services

Skytech provides a full range of Managed IT Services that are tailored to your tech support needs and backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements, allowing you to outsource your IT requirements and focus on your core business.

With Managed IT Services, you know your IT spending in advanced to allow you to allocate funds for other business purposes.

Flexible IT Services

Skytech can help you increase productivity and maintain competitive advantage by helping to deliver complex projects, covering staff shortages and being your on-call infrastructure team.

Best IT solution for your business and pay as you go.


Skytech effectively provides you with an outsourced IT department, so you get the tech support and skills you need without the need for high initial capital expenditure or expensive upgrades.